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Engine Warning Light Diagnostic Service

Understanding What Your Engine Warning Lights Mean

Each day we receive enquires regarding what issues the various dashboard warning lights can relate to. Some of these lights can be easily disregarded, but others require a bit more investigation or possible repair by one of our Bosch accredited master technicians. Last thing we want in our busy lives is a visit to the garage when it may not be necessary, but more importantly we don’t wish to be stuck at the side of the motorway if the warning light issue develops into something more problematic, so here is a guide that helps you to better understand what fault, if any, your car maybe suffering from. Relevant links can be found underneath each light directing you to our specialist diagnostics and car maintenance pages for further help and information. Alternatively, for instant assistance with your engine warning light conundrums please call us on
0113 236 2910.

Oil Pressure Warning Icon

Oil Pressure Warning - this light will illuminate when the oil pressure sensor detects low oil pressure, the vehicle’s engine should be switched of immediately to avoid severe engine damage and the oil level checked to ensure correct quantity in the engine. Professional help should be sought if oil level is correct and light continues to show. Amber light’s can also be used in some vehicles to warn when the oil level is getting low and a top up is required.

Visit our servicing page.

Battery Warning Icon

Battery Warning - This means the vehicle has stopped charging the battery and will eventually go flat. Seek professional help to resolve the issue.

Visit our diagnostics page.
Brake System Alert Icon

Brake System Alert - this light indicates a low brake fluid level and professional help should be sought to rectify any issues, leaks or low brake linings are a common cause, this light is sometimes used when a vehicle has an ABS fault (see below).

Visit our servicing page.

Front Airbag Icon

Front Airbag - Indicates a fault with the airbag system and disables the airbag function, this is now an MOT failure when presented with the light illuminated. Amber light informs the driver when a passenger air bag has been switched of manually.

Visit our diagnostics page.
Temperature Warning Icon

Temperature Warning Light - it warns the driver when the engine is overheating and usually demands the driver to stop the vehicle and seek attention to rectify the fault.

Visit our maintenance page.

Rear Fog Light Icon

Rear Fog Light - Is activated and remains on once the driver turns on the rear fog lights. A green or yellow icon represents the front fogs.

Seat Belt Reminder Icon

Seat Belt Reminder - active as long as the vehicle is moving and the belt remains unfastened. Fastening seat belt will switch off- the light.

Open Doors Icon

Open Doors Indicator - this symbol is usually turned on just after the driver starts the engine and informs them that one or more doors are closed incorrectly. Safely check all doors are shut properly.

Hazard Warning Light Icon

Hazard Warning Lights - activated by the driver to indicate a problem with their car to other motorists.

ABS Warning Icon

ABS Warning Light - ABS Warning Light - this light will show when you have a fault in the ABS braking system, this will not result in losing your brakes but additional safety features will have been switched of by the control module, professional help should be sought to resolve the issues. Note: The light illuminates briefly on engine start up but switches of automatically.

Visit our diagnostics page.
Engine Management Icon

Engine Management Light - this light illuminates when the vehicle detects a fault with the engine management system usually related to emissions or running concerns. Can cause the vehicle to go into limp home mode when illuminated with a loss of engine power, this light require’s immediate professional attention to prevent damage to expensive exhaust components.

Visit our diagnostics page.

Powertrain Malfunction Icon

Powertrain Malfunction - this light will illuminate when the engine management system detects a fault that requires the engine to be shut down and requires immediate attention by a qualified technician.

Visit our diagnostics page.
Traction Control Icon

Traction Control Light - this light will illuminate along with the ABS light when the vehicle has a fault in the system. It will also flash when the system is operating to warn the driver of hazardous conditions.

Visit our diagnostics page.

ESP BAS Warning Icon

ESP/BAS Light - similar to the ABS indicator, but especially installed to inform the driver about a potential problem with the Electronic Stability Program technology.

Visit our diagnostics page.
Glow Plug Warning Icon

Glow Plug Warning - used on Diesel vehicles, no attempt to start the vehicle must be made until the light is extinguished. The light is also used with the engine management light when a fault has been detected.

Visit our diagnostics page.

Warning Light Icon

Warning Light - this light will illuminate with other lights and is usually accompanied by an error message in the display

Tyre Pressure Icon

Tyre Pressure Monitor - consult your owner’s manual and re inflate the tyres to correct pressure, then reset the system to extinguish the light, 32 psi is a good pressure if they are not available.

Visit our maintenance page.

Bulb Failure Icon

Bulb Failure - indicates a problem with one or more of the vehicles bulbs. Pop in and we will gladly replace the offending bulb.

Visit our maintenance page.
Rear Window Defrost Icon

Rear Window Defrost - this is turned on once the driver presses the rear window defrost button. When window is clear turn of to save on fuel consumption.

Child Safety Lock Icon

Child Safety Lock - if alight, the symbol shows you that the child safety lock has been activated. Remember to switch off when no longer required.

Cruise Control Icon

Cruise Control - this light is turned on if the cruise control system is activated; note that it may differ by brand and car model.

Windshield Defrost Icon>
                         <p>Windshield Defrost - activated by the driver to clear the front windscreen. When windscreen is clear switch of to save on fuel consumption..</p>
                    <div class= Electronic Throttle Control Icon

Electronic Throttle Control Light - briefly enabled when the driver starts the engine, the indicator shows a malfunction in the Electronic Throttle Control system.

AWD Icon

AWD - this light indicates that the All Wheel Drive system is activated, mainly found on 4x4 vehicles.

Overdrive Indicator Icon

Overdrive Indicator - it shows the driver that the overdrive system has been turned off.

Low Fuel Warning Icon

Low Fuel Notification - this panel is switched on if the fuel level gets very low. Refuelling is urgently required.

Turn Signals Icon

Turn Signals - without a doubt the most known instrument panels, the turn signals are activated once the driver changes direction and uses the indicators.

High Beam Icon

High Beam Light - is shown once the driver activates the high beam mode of the headlights, should not be switched on when traffic is approaching from the opposite direction.

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Citroen C3 1.6 Exclusive Auto engine management light is on as from today, but the car seems to be running normally. I understand that the engine managment light doesn't necessarily mean there's a fault with the engine. Could you advise please. Thanks

sent in by Loui

This will more than likely an emissions related fault, once the fault codes have been retrieved you can determine from their what is required

I have a Skoda fabia 1.2 2009 with 45k on the clock, I was driving into work when all of a sudden the car started to jerk as there was no fuel going into the engine, what could it be?

sent in by manny

Engine misfire can be down to one of three known issues, please book in to diagnose

My vauxhall Signum 04 plate, keeps burning out the whole front fuse box and this is the second time. What could be the problem and how can I fix this?

sent in by Mett

You must have a short bin the wiring or a large consumer pulling too much current.

hi just had mot and full service when i got my car back every time i turn ignition it bleeps and on display says check oil level i took it back to garage they replaced oil switch but still displaying check oil level they say it is checking oil level ok as is computerised but not done this before could you please advise many thanks

sent in by nick

Mercedes struggle with this but usually self correct in time

Hi I have a vauxhall Astra 1.6 petrol 55 reg . My heating was not gettin hot so I checked my water level and it looked empty . But when I took the cap off the water it came back up to top of level then whent back empty agen . So I filled it up to full level ..?why was this pls they is no leak and no smoke just wonted to no why it was that low many thanks

sent in by Danny

Possible head gasket failure and system is developing too much pressure

I have a 56 Renault megane scenic with a gas conversion it's been great now all of a sudden there is a deafening noise coming from the back of the car it comes on when I go over 35mph it's such a loud droning noise what could it be

sent in by Sam

Wheel bearing probably

I have a 1.2 sxi 2001 corsa, and this morning when I went to change down a gear I lost resistance on my clutch like a cable snapped, I looked under my car after and found oil leaking down my gearbox. Any ideas?? Thanks

sent in by Rob

Clutch slave cylinder has failed

Hi James. My Engine temperature warning light keeps coming on and off. What do i need to do about this to sort it out?

sent in by Georgina

It points to a low coolant level or possibly overheating, needs a pressure test to confirm the issue

hi my parking sensors are not working iv checked the fuses they are alright do they go through some kind of relay unit any idear ..tony.

sent in by tony

Need to retrieve the fault codes from parking module, this will indicate which sensor is at fault

Hi James,just got a 2003 Astra 1.6 Sxi 16 valve with 55k on clock.Full service history shows that cambelt has not been done yet so given that it's 11 years old but only done the 55k when should it be replaced.Thanks in advance.

sent in by Brynn

2003 onwards 60k or 72 months, for the sake of a few hundred pounds I would just have it changed

My Renault laguna is jumping out of 5th gear what could it be

sent in by

Gearbox internal fault

Hi James, I recently bought a 61 plate Fiesta 1.4 TDCi and I have noticed that sometimes when the air conditioning is on the compressor cuts in and out every 10-15 seconds (an audible clunk and the idle RPM fluctuates up or down as the ecu compensates for the load change ).Should it do this ?.

sent in by Adrian GriggAde

Its just adjusting idle speed to load from the compressor

Hi James my ignition switch has broken on my 2001 zafira my brother replaced the switch and the barrel and although my car now starts and runs my windows radio and mirrors have stopped working my central locking still works tho,any ideas? Thanks

sent in by Spanner

Check all the fuses I would guess

p eugoet 407 05 reg when ilding at a junction and you go to pull away i sometimes have to put the car in first gear twice or turn engine off and then restart before the car pulls off

sent in by wendy faulkner

If you have no issues engaging gear and the clutch is ok it needs diagnostics

Hi James I have a 1.5dci 05 scenic.. its recently started to cut out regularly while driving!! this is no good when 70 on the motorway.. once I pull over lock & unlock the car and restart the engine its ok again then may or may not cut out again a few mile down the road... I cant make any sence of it please HELP!!!

sent in by nick gomersall

Possible turbo overboost

Hi James, I have recently noticed when I open and lock my Astra Diesel I hear a whistleing noise coming from the fuel cap area any idaes what this could be. Thanks

sent in by keith

Strange, just make sure the seal has not perished or is missing on the cap

where is the obd11 port on 1400cc 2003 clio please

sent in by

Under the ashtray

Hi James. I have just had the alternator changes on my 08 beaux hall Astra van. A new problem has arisen, when driving the van loses power. It can drives normally but the the engine management light comes with an immediate loss of power. No other problems just takes an age to accelerate.

sent in by Mark

Will require diagnostics to find the fault via a fault code read

Does a 59 plate peugeot 207 have power steering fluid?? Or is it electronic steering?? I keep gettin a squeaking noise,iv recently had brake pads changed,so I'm not sure if it could be the brake & clutch fluid?

sent in by laura

Some have electric some have hydraulic, the brake fluid change will not cause a squeak, wear on the brake discs will.

My clutch fluid has gone in my zafira is there a way I can just top it back up

sent in by wayne

Yes but you will have a leak on either the slave or master cylinder

Hi my 2002 Audi a3 turbo makes a knocking sound in engine when i turn heater on with no heater all nice and quite any ideas please.

sent in by ricky goodman

Air con drive pulley

I have a vw golf y reg 2001 went to start the car on sat the car won't start and their is a pic of a car with a key in it flashing on the dash

sent in by John

Possible ignition key issue

Hi James.My opel corsa 1.4 utility's gearbox is very loose.I can only move it with 1 or 2 gears.They are the weekest gears(probably 4 & 5).The reverse gear does not engage at all.Any idea what the problem may be?

sent in by William Mnguni

Gear linkage failure, common to model

Hi James Can you make my Kawasaki ZZR 1100 go faster. Cheers KH

sent in by Karl

Yes Karl, we will put you on a diet, with the weight loss I estimate a good 20mph faster!!!!

I have a two year old Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 and the fuel filler flap has become stuck in the locked position. I have tried the remote on the key fob a number of times and whilst it releases all the doors and tailgate, like it should, the fuel filler flap actuator refuses to operate, could you please advise? Thanks

sent in by Bernie Hunt

Needs a new actuator

Hi James ok i a clio 1.2 2004 when iam driving along say i put it in 3rd and I put my foot down it over revs i can hear it put if i take my time its fine lent car to a friend and he said it shouldn't happen i used to it take my time it's fine he said might be clutch? What you think

sent in by Wayne

Yes clutch sounds to be slipping

I had a new timing chain fitted by a vauxhall dealership garage 12 months ago and have only done 5000 miles and I am sure its rattling again,can rhis be? Thought I would at least get 40,000 miles out of a new one.

sent in by kathryn

check your oil level before thinking its the chain

heater fan in my 2001 citreon relay wont work on any setting

sent in by wayne jackson

Resistor or motor fault

Iv just puchached a 03 swb ex bt transit van it drives fine but when ticking over the revs drop down the man who sold the van van says this is due the van once having a water supply and it is compensating the engine presure so the engine can handle the added pressure but I think he is telling porkys thanks

sent in by Martin

They usually when correct have no idling issues, possible timing or fuel pump best guess

Hi James I have a Vauxhall Zafia 2005 (Dec) 1.6v Club. The fan does not work at all on all settings 1-4? It was working fine up and until it went dead. Help?

sent in by Aneep Sanjiva

Motor inop

Where can I find throttle sensor on a vauxhall vectra sri 1.9 deisel 57 plate

sent in by woody

Incorporated into the pedal

Hi James, I have a 2005 Polo Classic. I replaced my gearbox with a new one, because the old one "seized". The car catches every gear, but it won't move a bit. Can you please help me, because I don't know anymore. Thanx!!!

sent in by Monre


407 SW 2.0HDI 2008. Aircon not working. Compressor works if it gets 12V bit it does not, it only gets 3.2V. Pressure switch replaced. Regassed. No leaks. Still no good.

sent in by Paolo

Voltage drop in wiring to compressor if its only getting 3.2v

have u had any problems with clutch master cylinders after fitting clutch on 1.9 cdti astra

sent in by

They are notorious for being difficult to bleed, its best to pre fill before putting the gearbox back in

my friend as a polo 12. 54 plate.when she goes to start the car its very slow to get started its like a lazy starter.batt/altanater is ok

sent in by ROBERT MORLEY

Suspect battery, have it tested

57 plate 1.3 diesel corsa is dramatical losing power and the car/spanner warning light has come on

sent in by david russell

Fault code read required, usually wastegate on Turbo seizes

Hi I've got a t reg fiat punto 1.2 16v I had a problem with my fuel pump and had a new one installed then it starts to judder and jump at 2000 revs everything works how it should but when I put down my foot on the accelerator to gain faster speed it judders the car. I've had new spark plugs installed but it still seems to be jumping any suggestions?

sent in by Lewis

Either coil pack or ignition side of engine ECU, also have tested for head gasket failure

Hi I just bout an eco 1.0 12v semi auto corsa 02 plate. It was smoking badly and felt as thoug handbrake seized. Would work in manual but not A. The timing was out since timing has been corrected it wont start at all. Sounds like it want. to but just won't and mechanics cannot figure it out :( any idea? Thanks

sent in by Sarah

Have the gearbox fault codes read, issues with gbox actuators

Hi James I av just a Corsa sci 1.7dit on a 2002 reg the Car drove fine then when I switched off engine and switched it back in the gear stick was wobbly and won't select first and reverse gear and the gear selector slips out of gear can you please help thankyou

sent in by Leanne Jenkins

Gear linkage failure common problem

hi, ive contacted my local Vauxhall garage today to ask for prices for a service on my corsa.Its only done just over a 1000 miles and they asked me which service I wanted,and gave me two prices.I thought the first service was standard.As im a woman im not to sure what they ment.

sent in by marie

1st service is usually an interim service

I have a 52 reg 1600 zafari vauxhall car with spanner comes up on dashboard no power in 1st and 2nd the book says limp mode any ideas

sent in by James Kingdon

Definatley limp mode requires diagnostics

I have a vauxhall vivaro bus 12 plate with only 38 thousand miles the clutch pedal is down,fluid level is okay and there is no visible leak do you know what is wrong please

sent in by sue

Clutch master or slave cylinder will be leaking

Hi I've got a corsa 1.7dti on a 03 plate the full dashboard lights keep flashing when I've got lights on any ideas.

sent in by ian

Poor connection between connector plug and instruments, common fault

I have a peugeot 407coupe hdi 2.7 v6. The problem is, it is totally dead. It won't start I can't lock or unlock with the key fob. No sign of life at all in the car. It has a new battery and a new alternator . It's almost like it has been immobilised. Help.

sent in by Ken

The BSI will have an issue, may just need re booting

Hi jamez I have recently bought a renault megane scenic 1.9 dti..and when I leave it to tickover its juddering like its about to shut off also its the same when driven... it doesnt start up the best either any ideas please?

sent in by gwen jones

injectors will need testing for back leak

hi james really hope you can help. I have a 02 reg fiat punto mia 1.2 enginge. the engine has been taken out and another one been put in and replaced it. The problem is the power steering has gone on it and the power steering light stays on on the dash board. could it be the fuses or is there a reste code for the electrics? as its all electric based? hope you can help thank you :)

sent in by ashleigh

You will probably require a new steering column with the motor or the control unit, bba reman do them

Hi will a late v reg golf gti gear box fit a w reg

sent in by ryan


my VW Polo 1.4 2006 looses power and cuts out when in 1st & 2nd Gear also there is a burning smell

sent in by Mary

Diagnostics required to determine the fault

Hi i have a w reg 1.0 corsa gls and i cant get it started. It has been stood 6-7 month and wont turn over and is draining the battery. Any ideas what the fault could be

sent in by mark

Check the basics like fuel and spark, possible crank sensor issue

Hi there I got a problem with my aircon vents. The driver side 2 vents blows medium cold and the passenger 2 vents is nice and cold,when aircon is set on lo setting. Hope you can help? My car is Citroen c3 55reg

sent in by Chris

The vent control motors may need re setting or replacing

My Ford Fiesta judders and seems like its going to stall when in 1st and 2nd gear. 3rd, 4th and 5th ok.Its difficult to get a smooth run up a hill. Like its missing but never actually cuts out.Its even worse when the air con is on. What do you think is wrong? Thanks Vic

sent in by victor palmier

Sounds like a missfire or really bad clutch judder/slip

how to change a sping on the off side of a scoda octavia 1600

sent in by david osullivan

Special tools required or injury will occur!

Hi James, My Zafira Life (57 plate) has recently started losing rev's at junctions and lights but only when the aircon is on. Any ideas? Thank you

sent in by EGL

Throttle body clean and reset best guess

Hi I have 51 plate ford fiesta 1.3. It has just started to judder when I hard accelerate ie from a junction or changing gear. Any ideas please

sent in by Steve

Enine missfire try spark plugs and lead first, may need a coil

Hi James, citroen c2 vtr engine feels lumpy once the car warms up. Would it be the coil pack or the crank position sensor? Cheers!

sent in by Scott

Probably coil pack would be favourite

had [egr] valve cleaned manament light cam e on after a week i got astra sri is going well?

sent in by nigel

Too many problems with these to list, need scode read and correct diagnosis, cleaning rarely works

I have a 52reg astra 1.6 sxi ang engine just started tapping/knocking what does this mean and what do i do next with it if anything

sent in by steve

oil level?

Hi James I have just bought a 05 Astra 1.6 16valve design when I start up the display shows coolant level it goes off after a couple of mins the car does not have a temperature gauge does this mean the car is upto a certain temperature and not a fault? The water levels are fine

sent in by Rob

It will need the coolant level sensor replacing in the bottle.

i have a vauxhall astra club 1.6 it keeps jumping like a kangroo

sent in by

Oil contamination of the spark plugs is a big issue with these

Hi james. I have a 2004 vw golf 1.9 tdi,when i drive it over 60mph plus its got a groaning like noise,funny thing is when its aon a normal road its very quiet...any ideas?...jimmy

sent in by jimmy

Gearbox or wheel bearing related, even tyres can cause these noises

Hi james where is the relay 4 the engine cooling fan for a mk4 vauxhall astra 1.6 16v sxi 2000 reg thank

sent in by mark

They have a cooling module that controls the fans, not relays

I have a fiat punto mk 2 1.2 16v sporting and its had an engine and gearbox change with new ecu coil pack leads and plugs and the engine management light is on now?? Also when driving for a little its dies possibly going into limp mode and the key code light comes on? Any suggestions please

sent in by hannah

Take it back to who did the work and get them to sort it, then reconsider who you use in future

hi if a service nanager says to remove the filters from the cambelt tensioners and then mechanic does and the car goes wrong oes that mean that the service manager is at fault

sent in by tony


Hi james I have a 1.6 zafira life when I drive over a speed bump or hit any sort of hole in the road my car makes a knocking noise and it seems to be coming from the front left wheel any ideas

sent in by stephen whitfield

Probably the anti roll bar link rod

hi james i have bought a 2002 1.6 vauxhall astra when driving home from work the other day while driving round a corner the rear end of the car slid out for no apparent reason this has also happen on a number of other occasions what could be the cause of this ?

sent in by robert

Haver the car 4 wheel aligned and tyres checked, also make sure you have no traction control lights on

hi there recently I have a whining noise when im in the top half of my gears when accelerating it sounds like its on the passenger side of my van.Its a fiat scudo 2.0jct sx 06 plate with 55000 miles

sent in by michael

Gearbox or wheel bearing could even be the turbo

hi James, I have a 2007 Peugeot 207 1.6L. petrol, non turbo engine. Does this engine have a timing belt or a timing chain? Many thanks.

sent in by John


Hi . James I have an 04 vauxhall vectra 2.2 diesel. When the gear us in 3 4 or 5 my car misses and jumps like a kangaroo.last week my power went down.a new fuel pump was put on but still the same.can you help

sent in by tony kendall

I would suspect an EGR valve fault or possibly the air flow meter

I have vauxhall zafira 1.6 petrol I have had egr valve changed 2 new coil packs 3 new sets spark plugs and new injectors 7 diagnostic tests done 2 running diagnostics and compression test keeps coming up misfire number 2 compression test was ok car loses powers judders splutters goes into limp mode stinks of petrol spark plug 4 was oily any ideas what problem could be been to garages keep getting charged for tests and still no further forward any help would be appreciated.

sent in by keven

Engine is using oil and contaminating the plugs very common to this model, your garage should know this and not wasted all your money.....Requires engine rebuild

I have a 51 plate Nissan micra 1.0 which idles fine but misfires and cuts out when pulling away. Any ideas?

sent in by Martin

Air flow meter in throttle body or a timing issue

i have a renault scenic 1.9 dci the green wire on the sensor has come off on the clutch pedal what can happen

sent in by geoffrey

Will log a fault with the clutch switch

Hi James, i have a pug 207 2010 plate with 30,000 miles on clock and i noticed that there was a smell of sick coming from the bonnet so i popped the bonnet to discover that there is oil in my water compartment. I am very worried that it could be the head gasket on its way out

sent in by Michelle

Yes it does look that the gasket may have failed, requires a pressure and cblock test to confirm

I have a Citroen c2, it's struggling to go into gear apart from reverse is fine and when it does go into gear it's revving like my foot is on gas. Could it be the clutch? Thanks.

sent in by laura


i have a vauxhall zafira, when it goes into limp mode should that effect the power sreering to?

sent in by joanne

Not usually

Hi James! What should I do to find out whether the connecting wires to my coil pack are failing because one side of the coil isn't working at all?

sent in by James Mukumu

Have a technician check the feeds from the control unit

We have a peugeot 407 where the passenger side heater has broken, can you fix this? If so how much please and do you just replace the flaps or the whole heater box?

sent in by Neil

If its just the servo motor we will replace just that but we have had issues with the heater boxes too which is dashboard out to fix

Afternoon, I am intersted in having my Audi TT 2.0 TFSI 211 PS (2012 Model) remapped, I am just enquiring to see the process involved in having this action completed. As I have previously had a 2008 Audi A3 2.0 TDI remapped using a supership handheld device at my own leisure.

sent in by Carl Drinkel

You now require us to enable the ECU to still use a Bluefin, the ECU needs to be removed for this process

Hi i have renault scenic 1.5 dci 54 reg when i take handbrake off offside rear brake will not release what causes that and how much will it cost to put it right

sent in by Jarnail

Possibly the caliper or control unit will need details via our contact form

Hi James, I have a 58 plate 2009 Audi A3 Sportback 2.0L TD, I see on your website that you do remapping, how much would I be looking at and what benefits would it give me?

sent in by Amy

All re map prices are available from our Superchips page, the link diverts you to the vehicle finder on Superchips website

Hi, i'm having problems with my 1.6 petrol vauxhall zafira 56 plate. while driving, it just cuts out. eml comes on (sometimes stays on), service light comes on, abs light flashes. you have to wait around 20 seconds to a minute before it will start. if you try to start before this nothing happens. we took it to evans halshaw(wakefield). after 7 days they said it needed a new ecu costing 700 and taking 2 weeks as they didnt have one in stock. fault codes shown were u2100,u2105cim,u2105abs,p0115,p

sent in by Nicola

The CIM and ABS codes could be the same fault and link into why it wont start, but the P code is the coolant sensor which will also cause issues, would need to see the car, could be the CIM module and not engine ECU.

Hi James I have a Vauxhall astra H 1.4 57 plate is have 43k I have a big noise from around the water pump side and similar diesel this is maybe timing chain? or water pump problem ?

sent in by Paulo ribeiro

Yes probably the timing chain

Hello James. I've got a Y reg LWB transit 350 TD. Recently it's started losing power and overheating on long inclines. It's had a new water pump. What do you think might be the problem? Thanks, Mike.

sent in by mike wragg

It needs the cooling system block and pressure teating to find out where the water is going.

hi James,i have a 2002 318ci 2dr coupe 2ltr manual.The problem is it started running rough on idle but wen you resart in it idles ok until you rev over 2000rpm .please help. regards peter.

sent in by peter

These vehicles suffer with timing chain failures and also air leaks in the intake system

Hi could you advise, 06 zafira 1.6 petrol, management light on,, code reading 0302 have changed coil pack, now thinking maybe injector, any other thoughts would be most welcome

sent in by Peter Kilbride

Just correct diagnosis will save you a lot of money rather than guess work.

Do you fit body control modules for Vauxhall astras. If so what is the cheapest price range I will be looking at?

sent in by amrit

48 + vat and the price of the module if required, we do dozens of Astras and its rare we change the body module

at what mileage does the timing belt need to be changed on a Peugeot 107 1.4 hdi?

sent in by Ray

Registration number required please via the contact form.

Hi! Could you tell me if you are going to start using your Superchips technology on motor bikes as i have one you can use as a test subject.

sent in by Karl Hawkhead

Sorry Karl we are not widow makers!!!!!!

HI, I own a Mazda 6 Tamura and the official data says I should be getting just over 50mpg on out of town driving and 28 around town, however I just reset the computer and did a 500 mile trip down south and back using the motorway for most of the trip and it says im averaging just under 25mpg for the trip. Could this be a problem with the car, it seems pretty uneconomical compared to what its meant to be?

sent in by David

If the vehicle is a diesel and has a DPF fitted it may explain high consumption

do you fit new cim for vauxhall vectra

sent in by

Cim modules yes we can fit those

Hi. I've got a 59 plate vauxhall Corsa. After starting up the engine after a couple of minutes the engine starts to make a noise and when the car is stationary it shudders a bit. After lifting up the hood of the car the fan near the engine is on and there's a tapping noise. Any ideas what it could be and what can be done. Thanks

sent in by Nicola Bedford

Not without seeing the vehicle no, too many variables in your description

Hi James, I have a Vauxhall Vivaro 1.9 DI 53 plate Diesel van. The engine red stop light is on and the immobiliser red light is on constant when i turn on the ignition, the van will not start. I have tried the spare key and checked all the fuses, i think it might be the ecu that has failed is this something you can look at and if so do i need to have it towed to you or can you arrange collection. Regards Trev

sent in by Trevor

We can look at that for you, please call us to arrange collection

reasons why the fuel filler flap won't open 57 reg seat leon

sent in by ian hadgraft

Can you hear the central locking operating on the flap?

Hello, i have a 2002 renault clio 1.2 semi-automatic, it drives o.k but i must admit , compared to other autos i`ve driven, the gear change is slowish & not a quick seemless change like others - is this normal for one of these or is there somrthing that needs to be done to fix it ? Andy

sent in by ANDREW GRAHAM

The gearbox is basically a manual box with an electric motor to operate the clutch, so yes its normal

why has my 2005 megane 1.9 dci got ;ot of free play in cllutch pedal and only bites from very bottom, has brand new clutch and flywheel.

sent in by stephen harrison

Air in the hydraulics i would imagine

citroen c2vtr wnt srt as its stuck in economy mode.

sent in by

Reset the BSI unit and re try

i've got a mercedi a class with automatic transmission and when i go above 30 t 40 miles ph it sounds like the gears not shifting and i took it to motorsave whilst passing to ask them and terrible customer service just told md my car was rubbish which it isn't honestly this is first problem i have had to be honest my car is in excellent condition 04 plate fully service when has been due please could you advice me on what i should do as i've been told gear box problems on these cars prove very ex

sent in by helen

Call this man Martin Lowe on 01226 283196 he will resolve your issues

when should the timing chain be replaced on my 55 plate signum 2.2 petrol

sent in by ray thorpe

It should not need replacing

Hello how much will a full service be for a VW Golf TDI 2.0 MK5 be? I'd like the maximum service standard you do e.g. brake check/clean etc. Thanks

sent in by Andy Smith

Please contact us via our contact form with the full details

Hi James. My X5 engine has just cut out 4 times in the last 10 mins. I was in Pudsey so have parked outside your garage. Any chance you can help Wednesday? I'll ring in the morning. Thanks. Chris

sent in by Chris West

This vehicle is now cured, a faulty injector was the cause

My DPF light on vw passat has come on for the last two days. The car is running and picking up speed as normal. I tried to clear the light on required revs of 2000/5 but is still on. There is no smoke from the exhaust either. What could be the problem. Its an 08 reg with 107,000 miles. Thanks.

sent in by khan

Agood chance with that mileage is the filter is full of ash and requires replacing

Hi I've got a 57 reg vauxhall astra design, my central locking on rear passenger bk door stopped working allso so did the window,the door just seemed to be locked and wouldn't open , a couple of weeks after it just opened ! Window still wasn't working tho ,but I noticed when I was locking the car the bk passenger door wouldn't lock,obviously this is somet to do with the electrics, but I returned to my car after a shopping trip to smell burning inside the car , I finally found where it was coming

sent in by nikki

Wiring fault by the looks of it

Just got 07 opel vectra 1.6 petrol should tempratuer gauge stay on cold even if hot air blow out after while

sent in by Andrew

No not at all, suspect a leak or thermostat issue

What's the fault code of peugeot 405 sri manufactured in 1994

sent in by James mwangi


where is the idle control valve on vauxhall zafira 56 plate

sent in by chris harrison

Side of the throttle body or incorporated into the throttle motor more likely

Hi James, My service light has come on with the airbag light on my 2004 Renault megane. I've looked it up and its a common fault which needs diagnosing through the computer, I was wondering if you know a likely cause and if you know how much to put it right or just for the diagnostics test? Thanks Chris

sent in by Chris

Too many faults with those to predict, 48 + vat for diagnostics

the warning light keeps coming on 4 the management light its a 405 peugeot turbo diesel 1992 what could it be thankyou.

sent in by mark caddick

Google OBD fault codes it could be any one of hundreds, without retrieving the fault codes its an unknown

Hello James I bought a 57reg Zafira 1.9ctdi just over a year ago, since then my car as done so many regens i have lost count, Just before Christmas, my turbo failured because of a blocked DPF, so im lead to believe after tring to clear the warning light on the dual carriageway , However, i have replaced the turbo, fitted a new intercooler (old one blow the bottom housing off) and a complete DPF system fitted, Put in dealer to confirm the fault code i had using my ofcom device being P3080, Glo

sent in by Nick

I presume you mean P0380 which means your car requires new glow plugs

fabia miss fire

sent in by

Diagnostics required

Why is my vrs leaking a full bottle of coolant every month its not the head and water pump

sent in by thomas

Suggest you have the cooling system pressure tested to locate the leak, also ensure the engine has had a block test to ensure headgasket has not failed

I have a Vauxhall Astra 2006 1.6 petrol, when turning the steering wheel left or right it makes a squeeky noise.

sent in by Waheed Nazir

Possible CIM module

Passenger footwell is soaking? My car is an Audi? Can u look at this?

sent in by Nicola


My astra won't start after changeing fuses

sent in by

You must have a fuse incorrectly fitted in the fuse box then?

Can you give me a quote to replace the rear coil spring on my 2002 Renault Clio (1.2L engine)?

sent in by Becca

Via the contact form please

My Citroen C2 VTR Sensodrive will not go into reverse gear. Do you know what the problem is?

sent in by Jackie Williams

Either the clutch or the control module

Hi if I fit a new coil pack to a Citroen C2, will i need codes resetting to turn off engine management light and allow normal running. Engine management light came on and garage confirmed it was the coil

sent in by will

Try it and see

what is a throttle control motor

sent in by

A motor that controls the throttle flap.

my 05 Vectra SRI 1.9 dti air con does not work had it regassed, it blows hot air continually also the temp gauge never moves, before I spend loads of money please advise

sent in by neil farndon

Needs a leak check with LOc trace to find where the gas is escaping, AC leaks are never cheap and can be hard to find without the right equipment

hi james my citroen cs 2006 reg has a flashing letters of ros on the display under the radio station whiich i have on , do you know what this means


RDS is regional station selection

Hi James! I have a peugeot 405 sri 2.0 manufactured in 1994. The problem is that 1 side of my coil pack is not sparking at all yet I av put new coil pack & ht wires. The car is starting & moving but has no power. Wat might be causing the problem?

sent in by James M

Check wiring to the coil pack, is it a new coil, failing that ECU sends the signal

Hi James Citroen C2 16v Sensodrive began to missfire so I changed the plugs and Coil pack its been ok for a couple of days but its started doing it again the coil pack was second hand could it be that.

sent in by Rob

As long as the injectors are ok and no issues with engine compression would point to the coil

I have recentley bought a renault megane scenic diesel 1.9 on 2001 plate, i initially filled up with 30 and got about 185 miles, recentley i again put in 30 and hav only got 62 miles and Its already on the first line above red. Any ideas of the problem, theres no visible leak and the needle doesnt change when the cars Jst sat i.e when left over night, the needle is still at the same płace when i turn the car on,. So i hav no idea it Jst seems to be drinkin Diesel like no tomorrow

sent in by sarah

Requires full diagnostics on the air intake and injection system to determine the cause

Hi james my polo wont actcelorate past 4000 revs . Only 6 years old and 18 thousand miles .

sent in by

Require fault code read to obtain the faults stored

Hello.I have a 1999 Vauxhall Astra 2 dr hatchback . Ironically it went threw 5 Qts of oil without leaving any sign of loss in my driveway. Checking daily and has been fine. Hmm.. Any idea why? Also now there's what sounds like a rusting fan turning noise coming from the left side of the engine under the air filter compartment . Afraid to drive to service centre to have it looked at if it is a problem that will break something . Any idea? Thank you

sent in by Shana

Sounds like the engine is burning oil, the scraping noise under the air filter is possibly the water pump about to fail.

Hi James i have a 2007 auto astra which drives fine in forward gears however will not reverse what could this be

sent in by Daniel

Unfortunately we do not repair Auto gearboxes so unable to help with that one.

my vauxhall corsa 1999 model 1.2 16v is kangerooing and over revving any ideas to cause

sent in by mark

Possibly the throttle control motor

My 07 Vectra Sri is struggling to start after several short journeys. The startet is clicking and whurring before eventually firing up. When it does start the radio and power stearing power down for a couple of seconds then come back on again.

sent in by Rich

Possibly a cranksensor issue

Hi I have a vw golf 1.4 1997 for the past week the car has been hesitating on acceleration and jolting as if its struggling. When parked on my drive with the engine on and in no gear the idle will sit at 1000 but as soon as the engine is warm its jumping up and down below 1000 and then will cut off. So far I've had ignition switch changed, a new dizzy, New thermo stat, New fuel filter and new spark plugs but yet its still doing this any info would help as its driving me mad and I don't dare driv

sent in by amanda

Sounds like an air leak in the intake system

hi have megane 2 04 wont start but all lights wipers etc go mad and says electrical fault on dash also water in fuse box in engine

sent in by jon

Water in main fuse box will be your issue

Ive got a zafira 1.6 2002 comfort, the problem I've have is it been running rough and wants to stall every time I slow down, I've cant get it over 40mph I've had a fault code of 304 ( cylinder 4 misfire) and the EML is on and also it smells of petrol a lot and it's using a lot of petrol, I've changed the plugs, coil pack and changed the fuel filter and taken the throttle body off and clean it up.but still runs crap any ideas? Someone mentioned may be the crank shaft sensor or the fuel pump?

sent in by Leighton

I would be looking at an injector issue for that one


sent in by MARK

Bleed the filter via the plastic bulb attached to the Filter head

I recently bought a 57 number plate Vauxhall Corsa club 1.2. The engine when idle makes noise which is more than I would expect from a car of this age. What would be your price to do a check and do you think this has to anything to do with the timing belt?

sent in by Muhammad

I would suspect the timing chain has stretched or you have an oil contamination issue, will need the full details via the contact form

04 clio 1.2 16v wont rev above 4000 rpm, changed the throttle body, electric throttle pedal and cleaned and checked the exhaust sensors and still no joy

sent in by conor

Have you had any kind of diagnostics carried out or just been randomly throwing parts at it?

Do u provide a hire car when car in for service

sent in by Waheed

We do have courtesy cars available yes

My 52 plate Nissan micra keeps cutting out/stalling when I slow down revs are low. Garage cannot find issue say all sensors ok

sent in by Sara rudland

I would suspect your airflow meter is faulty or you have a stretched timing chain

I have a 2010 VW polo with a 1.2 TDI engine. I have had intermitant high idling since new and after various visits to a main dealer they have put it down as DPF causing it. When it idles high it is about 1100 rpm yet I have been told it should be between 900-950rpm. VW says it the DPF needs extra fuel to warm up is this true as when it is high idle it drives differently special if driving just above idle speed although in correct gear for economy as directed by dashboard. The car is still under

sent in by Tom

Never experienced this issue as most of the 1200 tdi dont have the DPF fitted, the fuel is injected into the DPF to help create a chemical reaction to regenerate the filter, most regenerations are carried out at motorway speed and should not effect idle s

I have a z20let astra turbo mk4, was running fine, now developed a fault when hitting the turbo, if you accelerate it judders then light flashes and goes into a misfirey limp mode,, turn engine off then back on again then its ok untill you put your foot down hard, but if you very slowly accelerate over like 4500 rpm then accelerate hard it will boost, just not sure of the problem

sent in by james

You either have a leak or an incorrect reading with the boost sysyem, best guess

Hi, I have a Zafira 2.0T, 56 plate, with 31k on the clock. The issue I am having is that upon accelleration, the car shudders when the turbo would normally kick in. I had a mess about under the car without knowing really what I was doing, checking for pipe leaks with the turbo, and pushing on electrical connections, and the car ran agin OK for a few days, but wasn't boosting much. Now it's started again, getting worse. pedal test shows error code 1243. Any ideas and do you reckon it could be sor

sent in by Lee

Obviously without reading the fault memory its difficult to say what your issue could be, the car sounds to be dropping into limp mode which is usually emmissions related

Hi James - I have a VW polo 2007 1200cc. The Power Assisted Steering warning light comes on intermittantly & I loose PAS. If I stop the engine & restart it the light goes out & I have PAS back. Also at different times the brake & ABS warning light flashes & bleeps then goes out. This can happen twice in one short journey or not happen for a few days. The brake fluid level is fine & was changed in 2011 which means it doesn't need to be changed again until 2013. Any suggestions?

sent in by Diane

We would have to fault code read the EPS and ABS to brake down the area that is at fault.

My Octavia VRS diesel has done 156,000 miles, virtually all motorway high speed travel. Initially, it would go into limp mode but would always reset by turning the ignition off and on. Then the DPF light came on followed by the EMU light. Shortly after that it went into permanent limp mode with the turbo taken out of action. Benfield Ford state that under Skoda policy, they can only replace the DPF (1500). Can Claytons activate a forced regeneration of the DPF and reset the limp mode probl

sent in by Trevor Birkbeck

We can first of all clean the filter then do a forced regen

put new engine in corsa sxi 52 plate but wont start also had timing chain replaced

sent in by sam

Are you using your original ECU? Without diagnostics its difficult to pin point

my p reg 1600 petrol astra runs for long and short journeys but if i'm held up in traffic the system management light comes on but if i pull in and switch off for a few minutes i can carry on as usual for a long journey as long as i dont get held up again

sent in by david marshall


hi james ive got a 1.8 16v auto petrol zafira it has deveopled a problem and will not start ive changed the crank shaft sensor checked fuel pump all seems ok and ive even tried the old way of pumping petrol in to the car myself and it works fine starts and runs so i no engine is ok but seems like the injectors or not firing up but the injectors are working as ive had it running by putting petrol through it myself is there any answer to why they dont wanna firer up on there own to make it start?

sent in by bradley

Full diagnostics required and any codes obtained need investigation.

can you charge a battery while still on a 2.0 lt tdi vauxhall zafra

sent in by


i have just had to change my fuel pump on my vauhxall vectra and since then everytime i turn my ignition off the engine will still run the only way to stop this is if i give it full revs as im turning ignition off

sent in by joan

Speak to the people that fitted it something is not correct, probably piped up wrong

hi james i have a bmw 3 series touring auto and it going through a litre of oil every two weeks and when i do an hours journey smoke comes out the exhaust 3 or 4 times during the journey what could be the problem

sent in by andrew lloyd

Looking like a Turbo issue if its a diesel

Sorry James already asked this question but forgot to fill in my details. Just purchased a skoda fabia classic estate 2001 with no central locking. Back doors r locked how do we open then. Thanks

sent in by penny

Should have a boot lock at the very least, is the lock seized so it wont unlock with the key?

1.9 vauxhall zafira is sttutering on acceleration

sent in by Laura

Various issues with these, possibly the inlet manifold or the EGR valve, we have lots of knowledge with these vehicles if you live local book in.

HI. I have a 2001 skoda fabia 1.9 sdi. When turning right on roundabouts my tyres screech like an 80''s American cop car. Tyres don't seem warn and pressures correct. Any clue what I should do? I'm usually doing no more than 15-20mph . Thanks

sent in by Victoria Monk-Steel

Have a 4 wheel alignment check carried out and possibly change the tyres for a better brand if budget tyres are fitted

Hi I have a 1.6 zafira 2002 , it stopped working as was getting no fuel so replaced the fuel pump worked fine for a day but now won't work machanic said fuel pump is broken again , any suggestions as to why the fuel pump keeps failing ? Thanks clair

sent in by Clair

The pump has a gauze filter attached to it, if this is missing the pump will continue to fail, other than that i would suspect a wiring issue to the supply relay be checked.

I have a citroen c3 semi automatic 2003 model 1.6 cc the ECU is giving problem the car stops in the slow moving traffic for long driving, could you please advice me what shall i do now. Thanks Ghulam

sent in by Ghulam Quraishi

Possible ECU issue and high costs to replace them, ususally more than the car is worth.

Hi James i have a 2007 astra automatic which started sticking in 4th gear and the rev counter just spins on checking the transmission fluid this seems fine however the power steering fluid is very milky and cloudy could this be linked.

sent in by Daniel

You seem to have some sort of contamination issue but they should not be linked.

Hi I have a L reg nissan micra that keeps cutting out when i change down gear. I have had the fuel filter replaced, had a full service and had been advised it was the clutch so had the clutch replaced today and it is still doing it :-(

sent in by Kerry

The only 2 other problems these cars suffer with is faulty air mass meters that can cause stalling in extreme cases, or stretched timing chains, i would suggest a fault code read before throwing away any more money.

my vauxhall corsa (10years old)is taking in water on the drivers side,i found a small black rubber ring with a white plastic bung just below the window wipers cant see where it might have come from

sent in by webley

Water test the vehicle and find the leak is the only solution im afraid.

I have 53 plate punto 1.2 8v. I changed thermostat, temp, sensor and given it flush and new coolant but still the car seems to be over cooling and blowing luke /warm air and the temperature guage falls when mmoving but when in traffic or working the enging up hill rises to what seem to be the correct temperature why is this could it be a blown head gasket.

sent in by andrew logan

Blown gasket im afraid

my breaklights are constantly on when i turn my headlights on? And also my dashboard goes blank when i turn my sidelights on?

sent in by Paul Gordon

Check the rear light bulbs are correct and fitted correctly

How to remove the clutch actuator module on a vauxhall corsa 1.2 year 2003?

sent in by Abdul Samee

Requires specialist tools to program the removal and install, do not attempt this with out relevant equipment

Hi, On my Zafira 1.9cdti the clutch bites at the top of the pedal travel and i can change gear by just pressing clutch down a few cm .It changes gear ok and holds on clutch and also no judder..Is the clutch on this normal or is it on the way out??

sent in by Paul

Sounds like its on the way out and could do with replacing

Where is the air con evaporator drain located on renault megane 1.9 dci

sent in by Trevor Hickson

By the bulkhead middle of the car usually

under my oil cap on my 2008 corsa is all slimey gunge

sent in by

This is usually down to constant cold running and a build up of condensation, bset to have your cooling system checked to be safe

The heater blows hot even on the lowest setting on my 03 plate 1.2s Polo. Any ideas?

sent in by Paul

Its obviously not switching over to cool, could be the switch or the transfer valve at fault

I have a Polo 1.4 TDI (2003) which has developed a fuel leak which has resulted in diesel in the engine compartment. Car is regularly serviced but due annual service and MOT. Engine cover has fuel seeped into the foam base of the cover bottom right hand corner where it fits over the engine . Any guidance gratefully received.

sent in by Malcolm

The high pressure pumps are prone to leaking, can be repaired with new seals normally

on my vauxhall vivaro its pulling back and stop light coming on and the red spanner light comes on

sent in by

Require a code read, numerous faults with Vivaros

hi i have a golf mk6 am getting it mot and service next week then i want 2 get it re mapped it is a 2009 2000cc tdi. how much dose this cost a friend of mine told me about you as you have his thanks dave

sent in by dave cowles

Will neeed the vehicle registration to quote accurately via our contact form

is it possible to get a high pressure fuel pump for a citroen c3? it is a 1.4 diesel 03 model. Thank you for your help.

sent in by Maggie Dowling

Yes but there are no common faults with them, make sure the diagnosis is correct before replacing

I have a corsa 1 litre which drives perfect when the engine is cold, i bought this as a mot failure i have had to replace the airflow meter, lambda sensor, egr valve and fuel filter and i still have no power when its up to temerature this car stands me at a fortune what else can i try i cant afford any more exspensive parts its now passed the mot and no engine light is on please help me james.


These cars were never the most powerful, the Air flow meter that was fitted, is that a genuine Bosch or Vauxhall component, any cheap variant wil cause you lots of issues. Unless you have some underlying engine issue i.e incorrect timing its difficult to

astra 1999 wont start or bump,battery ok and starter turns ok. never had a problem before but recently ran out of fuel twice in 1 week. hope its fuel related, any ideas

sent in by Darren

The favourite if its a petrol would be the crankshaft sensor.

Hi, James 2 questions does your garage do body repairs we had a dog hit the side of our passenger wing it either needs a new one or a repair I need a (pro forma) for the insurance company and was wondering if you do what the charge is for one if there is one? The other question is our car when in for a service, the guy said to us that it was low on oil we said its ok it uses loads all the time we have to top it up about every 3-5 months light never comes on its just a random check and usua

sent in by Gavin

Unfortunately we do not do body work.

Citroen C3, 2002. Occasionally when I turn the ignition off after driving the engine does not stop running. As soon as I either take my foot off the clutch or break, or turn the lights off the engine then cuts out. I'm assuming the engine is getting another power feed from somewhere, any ideas?

sent in by Kevin

You need a global search of all the control modules to find out what faults are logged then narrow it down from there.

vauxhall vectra heater blower wil not switch off any ideas why.

sent in by GRAHAM

Possibly the re-ostat has gone faulty

red oil sign keeps flashing on signum diesel

sent in by scott deay

Either a wiring and sensor issue or oil pressure issues, i would have it checked ASAP

i have avauxhall zafra 20tdi 2003. it fire up but dont start. could it be the fule pump. and is it in the fuel tank?? thanks

sent in by jason golding

The high pressure fuel pumps under the bonnet can fail, but is more likely to be the injector seals that are pulling air in to the system.

I have a vauxhall tigra 1.3 and 1999 reg. I bought it a few months ago and now the 's' sport mode light starts flashing during journeys. This means I have to turn the engine off and re start it and the 's' light goes off. I have been doing that several times each journey. When the light comes on it starts pulling back and is hard to accelerate. It's also showing that the car is starting to overheat. What could it be?? Thanks

sent in by Jessica

I can only presume its an automatic gear box? and the S light flashing is indicating an issue with the gearbox. The overheating will either be down to the cooling fan not working or a possible headgasket failure.

I have a seat Leon 1.9 diesel it's remap to 150 and I am have power problem it's seem it has not power when I hit the gas pedel and when it hits 40mph the car starts to shake.

sent in by Ahmed

Obviously you need to talk to the chap that did the re map, we have no such issues with the maps we install.

Hi James My vauxhaul Tigra has been randomly blowing cold air from the heaters (it was -1 the morning). I was driving for about 25 min then idoling at the traffic light, the blowers started blowing cold air and the temp gauge started to raise rapidly. Water has been check and fine, there is however an oil leak, any advice?

sent in by Lisa

Best advice would be to have the vehicle checked over to make sure the head gasket has not failed, or a possible issue with your thermostat.

hi james i have a 2002 renault trafic 1.9 dci and im having trouble with the central locking/coutesy lights firstly: courtesy lights dont work fuses checked all ok then: central locking keeps locking and unlocking itself then: intermitent door open indication on dashboard then: interior light came on but very dim and now finaly brake lights are permantley on even if the ignition is off and key removed sometimes if you keep locking and unlocking the van they go off and ocasionally if left

sent in by steve williams

Trafic's are really common for body module faults that would link in all you issues

What does "plip battery spent" mean on my peuguot 307?

sent in by Lisa

The key fob battery needs replacing

My car was off-road for a year and the battery has died. The battery is 3yrs old. Can I still use the battery (recharge it of course) or do I need a new one as its been dead for a year?

sent in by PK

Try a recharge you have nothing to loose

how much would it cost to supply and fit a new clutch and handbrake cable for a w reg peugeot 405

sent in by stu

Please send us your details via our contact form our contact us during office hours

Our Mondeo Estate has started to make a knocking noise when you push the brakes. Seems to only happen when in low gear or neutral. We had the brake pads done at another garage in September and seems to have started not long after this.

sent in by sean healy

Would suggest having the brake discs re checked they could be warped

Hello James, I have a Polo 1.9TDI (Diesel) 2005 model, recently after replacing the wheel bearings, when i change from gear 3 to 4 it produces high revs which is unusual took it to the garage they said the vacuum controller unit was broken, replaced it and still the revs are there? What could be the problem? The computer shows the following error: Wheel sensor signal difference.

sent in by Bontle

Do you have an issue with the clutch slipping?

Nissan Micra 52 plates, Central locking only works intermittently regardless of whether it is main key or spare. When ignition key is removed from ignition internal light starts flashing. When trying to open remote locking the indicators flash but locks do not open. Any idea what the problem might be?

sent in by DavidJ

We dont do much with Nissans but you could have a body module issue developing especially with the lights flashing inside the vehicle

How much would it cost to supply and fit new cambelt to 2002 Renault scenic?

sent in by dave

Please send your details via our contact form for quotations

James already spoke to Tracy re this problem!! Bought a Citroen C3 Connect special addition March 2011 1.4HDI New Great for the pocket got every thing on sat nav 30,00 tax etc, etc. One annoying problem is the back end is too springy hit a bump and it seem to bounce eg; going round a right hand bend hit a bump and bounces to the left, but when there waite in the boot heavy shopping the car hold the road and takes calming bumps no problem makes the car feel well worth the money . Spoke to Ci

sent in by Ken Rigby

It is what it is Ken, thats how they are designed, by adding extra weight you are just lowering the ride height and the shock absorber has less work to do when damping the spring.

Do you repair (without removing the heater) broken heater flaps in a dual zone Peugeot 407?

sent in by Colin Moody

You will need to remove the dashboard to access the heater box with the flaps in.

Fiat punto 2001,problem electric power steering to replace. \how much does it cost ? Thanks

sent in by claude

We will need your registration viua our contact form thanks

I had my Astra sxi fully serviced in Nov 2011. Since then the car light with a spanner came on and the car list power being really slow to move off . This happened last year and I had sensors repaired . The car runs for sm hour then the problem happens .

sent in by AJ

You will need to havre the fault codes read from the ECU and then diagnose the concern

Honda ballade 160i automatic 1989 dohc heavy fuel consumption and high and low idle what is the problem.

sent in by Manoj

I would suspect an air leak in the intake system

Hi James, I have a vw polo 2005, diesel (non turbo), there seems to be a problem with power loss untill i put pressure on the throttle then it perks uk for a few seconds and then goes sluggish again. There also seems to be a noise almos like a helicopter. No engine warning lights have come on. Any help will be great, many thanks.

sent in by Ross

It could be a slipping clutch issue rather than actual power loss, those engines are prety bullet proof, failing that a possible air flow meter issue if there is one fitted

my vectra is sluggish and its not pulling as it used to be. its a 170bhp it struggles to pick up speed, any idea to whats wrong with it!

sent in by joyton

Depends on the Vectra, if its the Early V6 you could have an Air flow meter issue or a possible timing issue if the belt is close to its renewal date

Hi james just purchased my focus 1.6 tdci duratorq titanium 57 plate has done 76000 miles on way home put diesel in as soon as i pulled outta garage the engine systems failure light came on i have checked the oil and it is full to brim on dipstick the service book says it was serviced 1000 miles ago the car drove fine from derby all the way back to leeds just the light has come on dya think anything major

sent in by Michael

your only option is to have the codes read, it could be something as simple as a fuel filter blockage

Hi. The dashboard on my renault espace 2.2dci automatic is failing. It flashes on and off, mostly off, but comes on again when banged! Apparently a common problem. Can you fix this? Is it a big job?

sent in by Sarah

We would have to remove the dashboard and send for repair which can take upto a week, the only quick way to do this is replace with a new one at a higher cost.

Hi James if I have a super chip fitted to my car do I have to I tell my insurance company that my have has been modified ?

sent in by Gareth

Insurance companys request you tell them this information is the politically correct answer i can give to that question......

I've just bought a 2006 Volvo S40 2.4 SE Geartronic. It's just gone over 100k and I'm struggling to find if the timing belt has been changed... (or when it should be) - assuming it's not been done - roughly how much would this cost please and is there anything else that ought to be done at the same time? Many thanks , Mark

sent in by Mark Bowes

We can only quote via our contact form please Mark so we can obtain the corret vehicle details

my 2006 citreon c2 automatic vtr keeps cutting out when driving it and really bad ...what could this be please

sent in by lisa sheehan

There are a number of possible faults and it could do with a code read to identify the fault, the most simple explanation could be it needs its basic throttle settings adjusting.

Hi, I have recently bought a Toyota Carolla 1.3 GLi L reg app 1992 which is in nice fettle but after contacting the previous owners they cannot be certain when it last had a timing belt change replaced. It has now done 103,000 miles and I would like a service and the belts checking and replacing if required. How much would you charge for this service? Many Thanks Andrew Lacey

sent in by Andrew Lacey

Please send your registration and details via the contact form

power steering fluid leaking in to footwell of Ford Focus Flight

sent in by Roy

Sounds like a faulty steering rack seal

Hi James, I have a Citroen C2 Design 55plate. I have "Plip battery spent" come up and also the engine now at again will start then fizzle out. Didn't know if they connect in any way?

sent in by Abby

The plip issue should require a new battery in the key, cant see them being connected unless the key was packing up altogether and affecting the imobbiliser, sounds like 2 separate issues the stalling could be down to throttle body requiring a reset.

Hi i have a Citroen c2 vtr and whist driving the battery light comes on and the car cuts out it can then be restarted and will drive as normal what could this possibly be as the altenator has seems ok

sent in by Daniel Wilton

The battery light coming on could just be down to the fact its stalling and not connected,it could be something as simple as resetting the throttle body parameters

Dashboard instruments on vectra fail no speedometer etc, turn engine off and back on and they work. Local dealer says it's the cim unit, code comes up with B1001.

sent in by julie kelly

The dealer will be correct on that one the cim units fail on a regular basis

i have a volvo v40 1.8 s reg the air con fan fails to turn off where is the thermostat and is it easy to change.

sent in by cary

Does it just blow constantly i.e fan does not shut off or will not switch over to warm?

my vauxhall astra mark 5 has got a code come up it is PO651 ,i know it is something to do with low voltage or something but i want to know exactly what it is .

sent in by berni

What Astra is it, petrol, diesel? its all relevant to determine the code

Hi i have a ford Ka T reg.Seems to drive fine but when going over bumps theres a loud knocking noise coming from what sounds like the front middle or passenger side. Any ideas what this could be?

sent in by Emma

Ka have lots of suspension issues it could be 1 of three common items, best to get it checked out

i own a zafira life when i remove the key the radio stays on and the doors won,t lock with key it is a 55 plate can you help me with this

sent in by george

The radio could just require removing and refitting to restore its settings, the lock must be seized hence the key not operating, failing that a flat remote battery

Hi James i have a citroen c2 vtr sensodrive the car is jerking and jumping and feels like it lacks power theres also a loud noise coming from under the bonnet any ideas what this could be.

sent in by Daniel

Although semi automatic, these cars still have a clutch and flywheel which i suspect could be your issue, its the only thing that could account for all 3 issues unless you have a severe engine misfire

Hi. I own Vauxhall Zafira elegance 2000 1.8 16v. Last week Traction system light goes on and my car all time going slow, when it start moving. Been in service, they try make diagnostic, but coudnt connect to my system. After electican guy check, he told me, all engine wiring loom is corroded. And its can tike a long time to check every cable. And only after wrirng loom fixing, he can try fix my traction system fault. Isnt gonna be easy, just replace engine wiring loom and then try to fix tractio

sent in by Pavel

You need to check if he can talk to any of the other modules i.e engine management, if he can access that it points more to a power supply fault to the ABS module which should be checked first before condemning the loom.

Can you bleed the brakes on a peugeot 107 without removing the wheels. it is a 2006 urban model thanks

sent in by Wendy

You should be able to do the fronts, the rears may be a bit tricky

Hi James, I have a T-reg Fiesta with aircon. The aircon has a leak which has been confirmed by a garage, they say it's leaking from between 2 pipes which has a collar over them (that's how they described it to me). They said that if they start messing with the piping it might fix it but it could also make things worse, what do you think?

sent in by Luke Guest

The worse case scenario is you will end up requiring 2 pipes if they are seized and damage results when attempting to remove them

Hi James. I have a 55 reg X5 which you serviced and MOT'd last year. Its 3 year lease is up in August. How much would it cost for a good checkover to see if it is OK before I buy it? Thanks. Chris West, Calverley (Helen's husband)

sent in by Chris West

Regular customers we always help out F.O.C as goodwill!

hiya james i've got a skoda fabia 2002 1.4mpi on a idle it's got a slight miss and when i took off the oil cap thers's some gunge on the cap but there's no leakage on the head doe's that mean the heads gone or on the way out ?

sent in by mr papender singh

If you have any water loss with no leaks apparent it could point to a gasket issue, otherwise its normal to get some residue when the vehicle only does short journeys.

i have a 2002 skoda fabia 1.4 mpi and need to do a oil change on it,i wanted to know which oil is the best for that engine for e.g semi syncetic or fully syncetic please give me your opinion

sent in by mr papender singh

A semi synthetic would be fine for that one

I have a 1.2 corsa sxi 2008 when in first gear or I turn wheel it knocks or shudders any idea what is wrong and cost

sent in by Paul Milner

Is the knock through the steering column, if so they do have issues with the electric columns going faulty usually resulting in loss of steering in one direction

My 2055 VECTRA 1.8 PETROL has 64000 milses on the clock. Should the belt be replced and if so how much is it to replace.

sent in by dave gilmore

If you could send me your registartion by our contact form i will organise a quote if required, we need to know the engine code, thanks

is electric windows on vauxhall zafira 2005 1.9cdti common fault or manufacturer fault

sent in by z nazir

Not really had any issues with windows on Zafiras to be honest

I have a 2003 VW Polo 1.9 TDi and it sometimes makes a really high pitch squeal on the motorway. What could it be?

sent in by Andy Russell

Could be a sticking brake or a clutch relaese bearing noise.

I had the rear brake pads on '04 2.0litre diesel Vauxhall Signum replaced in July last. Offside pads are completely worn, possibly because caliper is sticking? Can these be serviced or do I need new ones?

sent in by JC

The caliper protective covers on the Signums split causing the caliper to seize, its best to replace with a reconditioned caliper

i have a ford focus it wont start i have had a mobile mechanic out to look a it he thinks its the fuel pump working back from the fuses,wot sort of price are we talking?thanks

sent in by martin griffin

Please contact us via our web form for quotations

I want to know prices for changin condenser and receiver dryer for ford focus zetec 2006.

sent in by Prashant

Please contact us via our web form for quotations

I have a 54 reg Nissan X Trail and I am losing power from time to time. Any ideas?

sent in by Darren

Diesels suffer with Turbo and fuel pump issues, would require a code read to determine the concern

hi james i have a vauxhall vivaro the body control unit got wet so i replaced it along with a barrel ect new key but it still wont start the imobolizer light flases as it should but when i put the key in the light stays on any ideas and how much

sent in by mel plant

This is a common issue that is usually fixed with a new module, i would suggest further wiring checks

P reg Astra merit automatic. when starting and or reversing red speed mode light flashing on dash and then stops running. Help please, Wendy

sent in by Wendy

Sounds like an automatic gearbox issue

hello James! I was wondering how much it would cost to put a tow bar on my car (206 sw diesel) and is my car a 2L or a 1.6L?

sent in by Jennifer Leggett

We do not fit tow bars unfortunately, your car is a 2.0 litre Jen

hi james where is the thermostate located in my r reg vauxhall tigra

sent in by burt

The housing that the top hose locates on to if i remember rightly been ten years since i did one of those!

we have a skoda fabia classic - 8 valve. almost 10 years old. we are told that this car does not have a cam belt - is this true. also, james, our steering lights pops on from time to time. nothing appears to be wrong with the steering. can you help. thanks

sent in by val elmitt

The 8 valves do have a timing chain, the steering fault could be an issue with the electronic power steering module

2006 S-Type Jaguar. Climate control not working ,heater stays on even when set at 17 degrees.Have to turn heater off or I roast.!!

sent in by Trevor Langridge

There is a vlave that sticks in the water control module in the OSF inner wing

Can I have an estimate for repairing a handbrake cable please

sent in by Andy Green

Please contact us via our web contact form

When i drive my Merc 270 Cdi there seems to be a power lost when i switch of and start again the power cames back

sent in by Tony

The vehicle is dropping in to limp home mode and will require diagnostics to determine the fault.

hi i have a p reg vauxhall astra estate 1.6 16v and the power steering fluid is leaking into the drivers footwell could you please tell me what might me causing this? also the water in the header tank is leaking into the oil is this an expensive job to correct thank you

sent in by shelley atkinson

I would suspect the steering rack has failed, along with the headgasket for your water issue

How many miles should I expect to get out of my clutch on my 2008 Ford Focus TDCI. I have done 41500 miles and the biting point is right at the top of pedal travel

sent in by Tom

Clutch life depends on how the vehicle is driven, it could be that the clutch has been ridden at some time causing premature failure

I have a 2002 VW polo y reg automatic.I make very short journeys only and am having issues with the car starting.Its starts alright most times but sometimes it doesn't start at all. when i turn the ignition on the engine starts to stutter and fails to start after a few minutes of trying the car suddenly stars. I am wondering could it be a fuel pump issue??

sent in by im y

Check if the vehicle has a disrbutor cap and rotor arm, they go faulty causing this issue especially in damp and cold weather.

hi james my p reg astra estate was reversted into and now it won`t start do thay have a fuel cut off switch ? and if yes where would i find it ? thanks terri

sent in by terri

Would need a few more details with that one Terri i.e petrol or diesel and year

how much for brake pads replacing on a vauxhall vectra 04 2 litre

sent in by tracy

This more of a forum for questions related to problems on vehicles, please send us your vehicle details via our contact form, thanks.

What is a spent plip battery? Warning keeps coming up on our Peugeot 307. Nothing in manual to help us work it out.

sent in by Bill Steele

The plip battery refers to the battery in your key fob, an easy and not expensive replacement

ford mondeo,engine management light just come on (51 plate two litre estate )how much is a diagnostic check please

sent in by philip beckett

An engine managment light can relate to any number of issues, a code read is required. Diagnostics cost 48 +vat as described in our prices section

renault clio rear doors will not open

sent in by steve

Can you hear the central locking trying to work? if not suspect battery in key or flat battery on the vehicle, failing that one of the door actuators may have failed

How do I remove the rear seat on a vauxhall corsa. The 3 screws I can fins are too tight to shift with a screwdriver

sent in by Tom Jarvis

The bolts are usually torx drive and held in with loctite, if you do not have the correct tools consult a garage before causing any damage to the bolt heads.

bmw m3 convertable electric hood only opens 5 inches

sent in by lennox wailing

Sorry but i have no experience of BMW convertables but AUDI cabriolet used to suffer with wires breaking going to the boot lid you may have a similar fault

Hi James. I have a 54 reg Range Rover Litre TD6.While standing idle over night the battery goes flat. The battery hasbeen changed and my garage have checked the vehiclefor any leaks everything appears ok. Any suggestions as to what the problem might be.

sent in by Gwyn JOHN

When you say they have checked for leaks did they ensure all the vehicles control modules had gone to sleep, this can take a good 40 minutes in some cases, you obviuosly have a drain somewhere on the vehicle finding it will be a different matter altogethe

hi james i have a ford focus tddi year 2000 while driving without warning car cut out and wont restart there was no warning lights to indicate a problem fuel is getting to injectors thanks

sent in by gary

The di have a mechanical fuel pump so its back to basic diesel checks first make sure there is no air in the system etc and you have a signal from the crankshaft sensor, failing that we would read the fault codes in the fuel pump to see if there were any

I have a v40 Volvo station wagon year 2000 76000 kms do you have any stats for this vehicle-have you serviced them?

sent in by Barry Clayton

We will be happy to quote for a service on your vehicle via our contact form where you can fill in the full vehicle details.

i have a skoda fabia 1.4 16v 51 plate which keeps completely cutting out while driving unable to restart wont even turn engine over nothing happens when turn key all windows/radio/lights etc work ok just wont fire up engine battery is fine any ideas

sent in by darren wright

I would suspect a bad connection ie earth connection in the engine bay.

the coil/ spring light on my dash is flashing continuously whilst driving

sent in by

The coil light flashing relates to an issue in your management system that will require a code read to establish the fault.

Hi James, My 2002 Ford Ka had a new power steering rack & track rod ends fitted, to sort a leak on the power steering. But, the power steering fluid is still leaking onto the rack & the gaitor, any ideas as to how to trace where the leak is from, & how to sort it?

sent in by Loz

We have found an issue with Ka in the past where the pressure relief valve is missing from the re manufactred racks, this causes premature failure of the rack.

hi i have a 1.0 vauxhall corsa which has new pads new shoes and new rear cylinders and all brakes have been bled through several times and there is no leaks but still not much brake pedal any other ideas??

sent in by adele

With new brake materials especially brake shoes you can get a spongy feel to the brakes until the brakes have bedded in correctly, i.e until the brakes are used on a frequent basis the pedal will feel soft. The only other 2 items could be excessively worn

Hi, how much cost service (oil, filters) in your garage for my Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDDI with 104k miles.

sent in by Lukasz

Please contact us by phone or our contact form for estimates, thanks.

I have a fiat punto, I have no heating just cold air blowing in the car even when set on warm.

sent in by BARRY

I would firstly check your water level is correct, Puntos do suffer from thermostat and head gasket issues also

Hello I have a Chrysler Crossfire, all of a sudden the keys wont turn the car on. I have had someone to look at it and they think the car has forgotton it belongs to the car and may need reprogramming. Could this be right? and if it is is this something that you could fix and how much would it cost.? Thank You

sent in by kimberley

Yes it does sound immobiliser related, unfortunately it will probably mean a trip do the main dealers to resolve, my equipment is limited on Chrysler,s

vauxhall astra 1.6 16v 05 plate. engine management displayed. erratic idling, lack of acceleration, managed to display a ECU fault code 43701. any ideas?

sent in by Roy

The fault code you have given me does not exist and has too many digits, you need a P0 code to be able to identify a diagnostic path

Hi James. I have a 2002 Seat Leon 1.8 20v that requires cosmetic work. The drivers side Inner Front wing is crimpled and will possibly need cutting and replacing. im guessing it will ned to be alligned with the passengerside wing for the bonnet to sit properly. Are you able to help please? Thanks.

sent in by anthony

Unfortunately we do not do body work

vaukhall signum 22 dti auto keeps cutting out after 200 miles

sent in by cawthorn

Could be a fuel pump issue, without seeing the car and carrying out diagnostics it is hard to answer your query

Hi james, I have a 2002 Mg zs+ and was changing the manafold without taking the battery off and there was a spark when I removed the last bolt. The car will turn over now but will not start and and I can't hear the fuel pump.The radio wont work and the blowers have stopped as well. All the fuse's are fine and Iam stumped, any idears?

sent in by mark

Have you checked all the larger fuses around 70, 80 amps to ensure they have not blown. They are located in the underbonnet fuse box, fuse 22 is for the fuel pump, also make sure you have not knocked the fuel cut off switch.

the dpf light is on my mazda

sent in by jonathan

We can sort that no problem, just look in our news section.

my car is an astra automatic the S on my dash board keeps flashing

sent in by ann

The S flashing means you have a fault with the automatic transmission.

sent in by

My P reg fiesta keeps cutting out when slowing down into 3rd or 2nd gear, could it be something to do with the fuel pump

sent in by harriet evans

Fiestas had a common problem with the vehicle speed sensor failing causing stalling, they also suffer from the idle air control valves sticking, very rare for the pump to cause this issue.

I have a VW Polo 9N3 1.2 year 2006, and i was wondering what you charged for fitting a set of height adjustable coilovers. They are a FK automotive brand and comes in a set of four. To me it sounds like a tough job as you would need to check the camber after lowering, check the anti roll bar and allignment of everything. How much would you charge for this job please?

sent in by Vince

This section is more of a help forum than quotation requests, if you could e mail via the contact form or call us we can work out a price dependant on how the coil platforms mount to the original struts, thanks

i have a honda shuttle 2.3ils w561kya my blower only blows hot air even when turned to cool any answers thanks kev

sent in by kevin

If the heater is system is manually operated i would check connection and operation of the cables, if its automatic it will require code reading.

Rover 75 CDT. 4000 revs max. Sluggish pickup. Worse after driving for some time. 70/80 mph on flat/good road, doesn't like hills. Change into 5th revs go up a bit not down.

sent in by Geoffrey Symons

Hi Geoff, we would need to test for leaks in your intake system, air flow meter and turbo control to start with, one of the above been the most common on these vehicles.

Hi James, I've got major kangaroo and high idle issues on a '90 205 GTI 1.6 under 3k rpm. I reckon it's possibly an intake air leak or faulty Air Flow meter, my question is - are you familiar with the Bosch LE Jetronic injection system and what would be your course of action if I brought this in to your garage? Many Thanks

sent in by Richard

Hi Richard, i did the L jet training years ago when this system was going ot of production and ill be honest have done very little with it since, you need to speak to an old Bosch service agent if you e mail me through the contact form i will find the clo

Have an engine warning light on a fiesta 1.3 lx 03 plate. need is sorted . What are costs,

sent in by DAWOOD

The diagnostic charge using Ford IDS dealer tool is 56.40 inc vat.

hithe engine managment light has come on ,on my saab93 tid sport was wondering how much u charge for a diagnostic check and does it have to be booked in cheers carl

sent in by carl

Th diagnostic charge using Saab Tech 2 that is the dealer tool is 56.40 inc vat and would need to be booked in

Hi James This is a complicated one and i don't know who to turn to. I drive a low mileage Mercedes 1991 300 ce 24. Anyway, a few months ago the head gasket failed and i took it to a garage for repair. The car was given the all clear and then a few days later it started overheating again, i took it back to the garage and they said it was normal for it to overheat (over 100c). I carried on driving and it went to 110C and i knew something was wrong so took it back and they told me that the vis

sent in by Suf

Sorry i have only recieved part of your message, could you please e mail me and i will try to help,

my s reg ford fiesta engine is running fast like i have the accelerator right down to the floor but is not sticking

sent in by john conway

Sounds like you have an air leak in the intake system, or a faulty idle air control valve, we have the same kit as the main dealers so easy diagnosed

h james my fabia has been gased and the air con only works in cold wheather (at the moment at night) i was wondering if there was a temperature sensor some where i get a live feed to the inline sensor ? but no live to the pump untill the outside temperature drops also the air con fan does not come in when you turn on the air con

sent in by bob

The outside temp sensor sends a signal back to the instrument cluster that in turn goes back to the AC control module,the wiring diagram also lists a temp sensor in the AC module for the in car motor, evaporator vent, footwell and fascia vents,other input

hi james i have a skoda fabia on a y plate and the air con works intermittently

sent in by bob

Hi Bob, it could be its just low on gas and can not sustain effective cooling, an easy pressure check would confirm.

ive just put a new egr valve on my vauxhall signum, do i need to bleed it to get it running? and if so where is it because it willnot start

sent in by dave

Hi Dave an EGR valve will not cause a non start concern, depending on which Signum you have i suspect a diesel, i suggest you have Technician look at your fuel pressure readings before you go any further.

I have a clio that needs new break pads and disks at the back. How much will this cost?

sent in by

If you could please contact us via phone or our contact form we can gladly quote for this, we will need your registration details to be accurate, this section is more of a forum. Thanks

Hi, I have a Vauxhall Tigra 1.4 06 plate petrol. When driving occasionally it makes a loud low pitched noise (sounds like someone blowing into the top of a bottle) just for a split second and then stops. I can't find any pattern as to when it does it. Sometimes when i turn my engine off the noise starts and lasts for a few seconds and then stops. Do you have any idea as to what it could be?

sent in by Jo

Without hearing the noise it would be difficult to assertain what this could be, i can only guess that it is some sort of pump or motor that could be priming one of the sysytems for operation.

the stop light on dash keeps coming on i have a peugeot 306 1800 diesel

sent in by christopher

The stop light usually comes on with a second light, either handbrake, oil or battery which then points to where the fault may be.

Hi! james my car is volvo v40,2000,1.6.i discovered that i soon as i put on the airconditioning the car becomes sluggish when i turn it of it goes back to it normal self.what is the cause of this problem?thanks

sent in by reginald

The car becomes sluggish due to the extra load required to run the air conditioning compressor.

i took my car a volvo v40 2000 reg 1.6 for mot testing and one of the faults was that it had brake in balance what does this mean and how do i solve the problem?

sent in by reginald

A brake imbalance is caused when one of the brake figures is rising at a greater rate than opposite side and is measured as a percentage on the brake rollers. It can be caused by worn brake linings, or partial seizure of either a caliper or wheel cylinder

sent in by

Hi Paul, i would be tempted to start by monitoring the system pressures whilst the air con is working, you could have a blockage in the system or there is too little refrigerant in the system. How long and how much it would cost depends on the time taken

hi i have a skoda fabia 1.4mpi on a 02 plate petrol and its using a lot of petrol and and shudders a lot i have changed the oil and air and petrol filters spark plugs and o2 senser infront of the cat and new exhaust new raditor and temp senser cleaned the trottel body and had the injectors cleaned and no faults found on obd11 can you help

sent in by paul

Its quite possible the EGR valve may be sticking open and inducing an air leak in the system. Any air leak in the vaccum system could also cause this issue. We can check the system for leaks using a device called Smoke Pro if you want to give us a call.

Hi i have been on he search for a reliable garage for a while now my bro nic who works 4 c i c in bramley reccomended u said he brings his van 2 u and has no complaints ...any way my old ford ka is leaking power steering fluid which i keep topping up and now the clutch seems to be slipping in 1st is it just the leak causing it ??

sent in by c

It sounds like you have two seperate issues, the clutch could be down to an oil leak contaminating the disc or is just worn out. The power steering we would have to investigate further if you want to give us a call to arrange an appointment.

my skoda fabia miss fires on one cilinder and the exausart light flachers

sent in by e burton

Hi most petrol variants in the VW Skoda range suffer from coil failure, the coil is usually located directly on the spark plug, is easily and cheaply repaired!

Hi James - my Audi is showing "service Due" . However the 1st service is not due for another 8k miles. When I ran Audi they say it needs and oil change and air filter. They have quoted me 170 which after getting up off the floor i kindly declined. Is this correct ? If Clayton's change the oil and air filter will it affect my warranty ?

sent in by Gareth

Hi Gareth, the light on Audis has been known to come on after 12 months or a set time period regardless of miles. We can gladly quote im sure a lot less than Audi if you supply us your registration via the contact form. your warranty will not be affected

i have a electrically controled engine coolant light on my astra 1.6 sxi is this expensive to repair. thanks

sent in by andy

Hi Andy, Astras FROM 1998 to 2005 have a seperate control module for the cooling system, the early vehicles used to suffer from module failure, but it is always best to have the faults read and the wiring checked. Costs will always be based on fault analy

i have a astrasxi1600 2002 model an im trying to find what my fault is my car shudders in low gear as if theres a fuiel blockage i had this problem last year an had it repaired iv been inforde that its a common fault on this model can you help me out with this so i can get it correctly repaired an not pay out lots of money please

sent in by des jordan

Hi Des, there is a common problem with these cars relating to the EGR valve's sticking due to contamination or internal failure, the valve stays open causing an unexpected air leak and hence the car feels to shudder or hesitate.

Now the weather is getting warmer I have started to use my air conditioning more. However since last summer it seems to be very weak and hardly blows any cold air. Do I need to take the car back to the main dealer and have it looked at or do you supply a service that can fix it and how much does it cost? Many thanks James - Leeds

sent in by James Russell

Hi James, you can either take the vehicle to the main dealer or here to us at Claytons. There is a possibility you have a small leak in the system that needs attention, we can carry out full leak detection checks on your system for 48 + vat

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