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Benefits of Car Air-Conditioning

on 14 June 2016

With the UK having a somewhat cool climate it is often assumed that car air-conditioning is a luxury that can be rarely utilised in this country. However this certainly isn’t the case. In this blog post we will the key benefits to driving a car with AC, many of these you will not have considered in the past.

Comfortable temperature control

When the temperature does get uncomfortable, AC allows you to cool the cabin without the need of having 40mph gusts of wind blowing through the car. Aside from the likely ear ache, listening to music and general conversations with passengers becomes almost impossible with the windows fully down on a hot summers day.

Creates fresher air

As air-con also conditions the air (surprising, huh?) this means it has the ability to remove the moisture from the air entering the cabin. To you and me this simply means that air inside the car becomes less stuffy, helping to reduce bad tempers and tantrums. Also great for those with kids too.

Clearer vision all year round

Air-conditioning enables the windshield glass to be completely clear without mist or film. This is because the moisture on the glass is evaporated much more quickly than the conventional screen heater. This aspect is often overlooked and a feature that is critical all year round, especially de-misting in cold weather when warm air from passengers quickly steams the windscreen. Using air conditioning enables you to maintain a crystal clear vision of the road ahead.

Helps prevent drowsiness

Cleaner air with lower humidity enables you to remain fresher and more alert at the wheel. This is especially critical for long periods of driving, helping you to avoid slipping into a state of drowsiness sustained through hot muggy conditions.

Maintains Aerodynamics

By allowing windows to remain closed the car is as aerodynamic as possible. Reducing drag, especially on high speed stretches of road can greatly improve fuel economy and offset any additional consumption required to use the system.

Filters dust, dirt and pollen

Air entering a car that has an air-con system passes through a heat-exchanger. Being cold, the air quickly condenses off the exchanger and forms water droplets that fall out of the car and onto the road. This is beneficial as the air contains dust and pollen amongst other pollutants, which are kept out of the car and cleared with the water droplets. Of course cabin filters also carry out a similar role, but the added filtration mechanism does help to provide another layer of filtration – essential for those suffering from Hay Fever or Asthma.

An important note, each of the benefits listed in the post can only be achieved when the cars AC unit is performing optimally. At Claytons we offer a range of car air-con services from a recharge, anti-fungal treatment and advanced leak detection.

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