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BMW ECU Engine Remaps

on 29 April 2016

As an official Superchips installer, Claytons offer the complete range of engine remaps for BMW vehicles. Thanks to our latest investment we now have the equipment to provide engine ECU remaps to the F-series range of turbo engines.

Discover more about some of our most popular BMW engine conversions and what this means for their respective drivers in terms of power and performance. 

Popular BMW Turbo-Diesel Remaps

BMW 320d F30/31 2.0 181bhp Engine Remap

bmw 320d remap leeds

 Model Release: 09/2011 onwards

Engine Type: Turbo-Diesel

Engine Size: 1995 cm3

ECU upgrade for the ever popular BMW 320D featuring the 2.0-litre, 181 bhp turbo diesel power plant. The end result is an ECU remap which adds a stunning extra 45 bhp and 81Nm to the F30/31 2.0 320d, increasing the maximum outputs to 226 bhp and 461 nm respectively. Drive-ability is also greatly improved, producing a car that’s both faster and easier to drive. 

Get your hands on this on all this extra performance with the 320d remap installed at Claytons for £399.00 Inc. VAT.

>> View the full power gains here


BMW 325d 90/1/2/3 (204PS) Engine Remap

Model release: 03/2010 onwards

Engine Type: Turbo-Diesel

Engine Size: 2993 cm3

Boasting gains of 68 bhp and an incredible 136 nm of torque, the 325d benefits enormously from the Superchips ECU conversion. The 325d remap at Claytons is attractively priced at £365.00 Inc. VAT.

>> View the full power gains here 


BMW 520d F10/11 190bhp Engine Remap

bmw 520d remap leeds

Model release: 06/2014 onwards

Engine Type: Turbo-Diesel

Engine Size: 1995 cm3

Impressive gains of 43bhp @ and 94 Nm of torque. Have this ECU conversion installed at Claytons for just £399.00 Inc. VAT.

>> View the full power gains here 


BMW M135i F20/21 320PS Engine Remap

bmw m135i remap leeds


Model release: 06/2012 onwards

Engine Type: Turbocharged Petrol

Engine Size: 2979 cm3

Turn up the dial on your M135i with an eye watering additional 57bhp on this already nifty power machine. The highly rated Superchips ECU remap for the M135i takes maximum torque output up to 535 nm giving you an even more responsive drive.

>> View the full power gains here 


BMW F Series Turbo Petrol Remaps

bmw 114i remap leeds

We are delighted to release our remaps for the three versions of the new 1.6 Turbo Petrol engine found in the BMW 1-Series (F20, etc.) and 3-Series (F30, etc.). Because these different horsepower versions are all based on the same engine, the gains from the lower powered models are exceptionally good:

114i (102PS): Amazing gains of 114 bhp @ 5,965 rpm and 134 Nm @ 5,395 rpm.

116i and 316i (136PS): Outstanding gains of 83 bhp @ 6,053 rpm and 97 Nm @ 5,702 rpm.

118i and 320iED (170PS): Impressive gains of 48 bhp @ 5,922 rpm and 63 Nm @ 3,948 rpm.

As an additional feature, selecting the ECO mode will deactivate the remap and revert to standard performance.

Each of the remaps specified above is priced at £399.00 including installation and VAT. Superchips cover is available to all vehicles that are still within their manufacturer guarantee, full details of this can be found here. We also offer a Stage 2 remap for a range of BMW models, for more information please contact our team today on 0113 236 2910