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Driving the change with EDT Automotive and Fortron

on 1 April 2016

The Great Emissions Scandal

We are all now well aware of the lengths VW went to in trying to hide their polluting cars, the as now well documented "defeat device" fitted to some models merely masked over the issues vehicle manufacturers are having in meeting strict laws set in the EU and US. We are now starting to see the latest EURO 6 emissions vehicles and the technology again has moved on, some of the latest developments will have a positive effect in reducing failures but the underlying issue will always remain. With diesel engine cars excess carbon and particulate matter or soot levels begin to take their toll on your engines efficiency from the day it leaves the showroom, if you follow the guidelines and carry out regular motorway driving this does reduce the effects on your Diesel PARTICULATE Filter, however if you carry out mainly urban based driving this is where the problems start to show themselves.

At Claytons we now believe we have the answer to the urban issue and truly believe we can prolong the life of your DPF. First and foremost you need an efficient fuel injector, over time with contamination the very delicate injector nozzles can become clogged and have a massive effect on the fuel burn process, normally this would need the injector removing and sending to a specialist, however with our injector cleaning machine we can now do these in situ with only an attachment to your fuel supply required. So the injectors are now healthy but what do we do about the contamination in the engine itself, regular oil changes help immensely as do the latest low ash synthetic oils, but you still have sludge and debris left behind even when the oil is changed. This is where we carry out our second stage of cleaning using the EDT Automotive machine, this process uses a soya based solution to clean and remove the excess sludge and carbon deposits left behind after normal service, thus increasing critical engine speeds and cylinder temperatures ensuring the vehicle is returned as close as it can be to its original condition. Will I see a return on investment we hear you ask, yes you will both company's boast a decrease in fuel consumption, huge reduction in emissions, smoother idle speeds and a more responsive take up of power, add to this the results we have already seen and we believe a reduction in required emission component replacement. Click below to watch an item televised on ITN for EDT Automotive.


This article mainly focuses on the benefits to diesel systems but petrol vehicles with complicated valve train mechanisms or VVT as they are more commonly known can benefit immensely from the EDT deep clean. Other benefits include prolonged engine life and it can even in some cases silence a noisy timing chain. We recommend this treatment after any engine repair work to remove debris left behind in the oil sump, we know it works by the amount of metal we see attached to the filter afterwards! Petrol vehicles run high pressure injection systems too in most vehicles, an injector clean reduces fuel consumption in the same way it does with diesel.