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Vauxhall Remaps Leeds

on 7 June 2017

As one of West Yorkshires leading official Superchips installers, Claytons offer the complete range of engine remaps for both cars and vans. We help drivers unleash the hidden power in their vehicles using the very latest in engine remapping technology developed by the UK market leaders, Superchips.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the highlights of the Vauxhall range of Superchips conversions including the Corsa, Astra and Insignia, evaluating what enhancements Superchips have unlocked in each of these popular vehicles.  

Before we start here are some useful information applicable to every single Superchips remap we install;

Good to Know;

  • For total peace of mind, each conversion is covered by Superchips’ 12-month/30,000-mile warranty for all vehicles still under manufacturer guarantee. Full details of the Superchips warranty can be found here.
  • Each of our conversions typically takes around an hour. Customers can either wait in our reception or drop off their car and return later to collect.
  • In the vast majority of cases, remaps to turbo-diesel vehicles deliver improved fuel economy when driven in a comparable fashion.

Vauxhall Corsa Engine Remaps

Corsa E 1.4T (100PS)

corsa e remap

Model Release: 2014 - 2015 
Engine Type: Turbo-Petrol
Engine Size: 1364 cm3

With its wide range of appeal, from the young to the old, it's easy to see why the Vauxhall Corsa is a consistent name in the UK top selling car list. This conversion for the E variant of the 1.4T engine gives an incredible 50% uplift in BHP, taking it to a tasty 148bhp.

These figures are impressive enough on paper – a power gain of 50% and torque gains of more than 30% – but the curves tell even more of the story.

Both the original power and torque curves show a pronounced drop-off as engine speed increases. However, the Superchips conversion eliminates this completely and delivers a more progressive curve for both the power and torque delivery.

Take your Corsa 1.4T to the next level with a remap installed at Claytons for just £320 Inc. VAT.

>> View this vehicles before and after performance graph

Corsa VXR 1.6T (207PS)

corsa vxr remap leeds

Model Release: 2015 onwards
Engine Type: Turbo-Petrol
Engine Size: 1598 cm3

Out of the box, this hot hatch offers drivers a punchy drive and exciting ride, once you've given it the Superchips treatment you unlock even more of the hidden capabilities of this pocket rocket.

Power delivery is noticeably improved lower down the gears and for those that can resist pushing the pedal to the metal you'll also see a steady improvement in fuel economy. 

Turn up the dial on your 1.6T Corsa VXR with a Superchips engine remap installed at Claytons for just £365 Inc. VAT.

>> View this vehicle before and after comparison graph


Vauxhall Astra Engine Remaps


Astra J GTC VXR 2.0T (280PS)

astra gtc vxr remap leeds

Model Release: 2012 onwards
Engine Type: Turbo-Diesel
Engine Size: 1998 cm3

The sleek lines of the Astra GTC give the impression it's moving rapidly even at a stand still. Turn the ignition on a post-Superchips remap instal and you'll discover the true meaning of the VXR badge. 

With a 2 stage Superchips available, you can take the GTC VXR up a few notches in both the power and handling department. Stage 1 produces a 23 BHP lift with stage 2 popping another 32 BHP and 75 of torque on top of that!

The end result is an impressive conversion for a largely underrated hot hatch. Have your Astra VXR remapped in Leeds for just £365 inc. VAT. 

>> View stage 1 performance curve

>> View stage 2 performance curve

Vauxhall Insignia Engine Remaps

Insignia 2.0 CDTI (120PS)

insignia remap leeds

Model Release: 2013 onwards
Engine Type: Turbo-Diesel 
Engine Size: 1956 cm3

The 120PS variant of the impressive 2.0 CDTI benefits from some of the largest enhancements available for this class of vehicle.

A whopping rise of 70 BHP and 100 Nm take the Insignia up to a today 188 and 400 of BHP and torque respectively.

Make motorway driving more exciting with a remap installed at Claytons for just £399.00 Inc. VAT.

>> View this vehicles before and after comparison graph

Insignia VXR

insignia vxr remap leeds

Model Release: 2009 onwards
Engine Type: Turbo-Petrol
Engine Size: 2792 cm3

In its existing form, the turbocharged petrol Insignia VXR offers incredible power and performance. Now the team at Superchips have worked their magic and develop an ECU remap that will deliver a substantial increase taking it to a mouth watering 379 bhp machine.

Torque is also drastically improved, boosted by the arrival of 104nm allowing for smoother upward gear changes and a more effective power delivery.

Take your Insignia VXR to the next level and have this ECU remap installed at Claytons for £399 inc. VAT.

>> View this vehicles before and after comparison graph

Contact us to book your Vauxhall ECU remap

Alongside Vauxhall, we’re proud to provide Superchips remapping services for each of the main manufacturers. For further details on our VW, Audi, BMW, Ford, Skoda & Volvo remaps, please see their respective pages or for all additional information.

To book, or discuss any queries you might have regarding engine remapping, our technical team can be contacted on 0113 236 2910 during working hours.