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Wheel Alignment in Leeds

Wheel alignment, often referred to as tracking, ensures that the wheels on a car are positioned exactly as they were when the vehicle left the factory. With the latest digital alignment technology, Claytons MOT & Service Centre in Leeds can offer you a precise yet affordable wheel alignment service for all makes and models. 

A common symptom of a vehicle that requires its wheel alignment is how it tends to pull in one direction. Drivers often complain that their vehicle veers in a certain direction on a motorway or long stretch of road, even though the steering wheel is straight. This symptom for your vehicle may be less obvious, such as uneven tyre wear, the vibration of the steering wheel and unusual tyre noise when turning through corners. 

Often overlooked as part of a service, wheel alignment is an important element of vehicle maintenance due to the overall impact that misaligned axles can have on the car. Not only prolonged tyre life but correct wheel alignment is essential for the vehicles safety systems like ESP and ABS braking, systems constantly monitoring steering angle or movement are drastically reduced in their capabilities to perform with incorrect measurements.

We firmly believe that our precision alignment services can produce short and long term benefits for both your car and pocket. Prolonging the life of your tyres, improving fuel economy and ensuring safety at all times.

Wheel Alignment Pricing

4 wheel alignment is £45.00 + vat as long as no components are seized.

Along with tracking, this service also flags up any camber or castor issues, not all vehicles allow the camber and castor to be adjusted, so this is model specific. 

Hoffman Megaplan Digital Alignment

Using one of the most trusted systems in the UK, Hoffman Megaplan Digital Alignment provides a completely accurate and precise wheel alignment. Our technical experts are able to quickly identify the adjustments necessary to return the vehicle to the optimal setting as recommended by the manufacturer. Not only tracking, the equipment is also able to identify any camber or castor issues too. 

Key Benefits of Wheel Alignment

  • Fuel economy: more miles for your money
  • Function and operation check
  • Driveability: improved balance and handling
  • Tyre life: even wear prolongs tyre life
  • Safety systems in full working order


Some of the most common questions about wheel alignment answered;

Do I Need My Wheels Aligning?

The key reasons that would point to your car requiring a realignment include;

1) Uneven tyre wear

2) Steering wheel misaligned

3) Drag or pulling when travelling in a straight direction

4) A distressing noise when turning through corners

How Long Does Wheel Alignment Take?

A 4 wheel alignment typically takes 1 hour depending on age and condition of the vehicle. You are more than welcome to make use of our reception area and free Wi-Fi while we are undertaking the alignment process. 

Does Claytons Provide a Tyre Health Check Service?

If you’re unsure whether or not your vehicle's tyres are worn unevenly or scrubbed as it is commonly known, we will perform a free tyre health check for peace of mind and highlight any issues that need addressing for road safety concerns.

Do You Provide a Tyre Fitting & Wheel Balancing Service?

We keep a large stock of Davanti tyres but can also order as required all the big name brands usually within an hour’s delivery, wheel balancing tyre disposal and new valve are all included in our competitively priced tyre quotations.

Book a 4 Wheel Alignment in Leeds

Booking is simple, either use our website booking system or contact our friendly, helpful team today on 0113 236 2910.