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Engine Diagnostics Leeds

Warning Light Diagnostics

Does your car have any of the following problems?

  • Difficult to start
  • Sometimes stalls
  • Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Uses more fuel than it used to
  • Hesitates or is sluggish when you accelerate
  • Engine overheats
  • Engine misfires (bucking or erratic idle speed)
  • Warning symbols illuminated on your dashboard in yellow or red
  • MOT Emissions failure

Modern vehicles are highly complex machines that utilise on-board computers to monitor engine performance and exhaust emissions. When a fault develops, the computer (ECU) logs a fault code and communicates the error to the driver via a dashboard warning light. If you have an illuminated warning light or believe your car isn't running as smoothly as usual, a diagnostic check is highly recommended.  

How we Diagnose the Fault

On arrival we will present you with check sheet to fill in, this will give the technician all the details he needs to accurately diagnose or recreate the fault. The myth in the motor trade is that a machine will then fix the fault and it does not take long, this cannot be any further from the truth. 

We will initially carry out a Global scan of all control units to determine which control unit is causing the fault, cars run on various networks so we need to ensure the network is capable of passing the required data. Once we have the fault codes, we will then begin to research the fault and form a test plan, at this stage we may need to purchase additional information from the manufacturer or subscribe to a dealer based test plan using the manufacturer tool where available. Once we have all the required information be it troubleshooting data, technical service bulletins, wiring diagrams or access to the correct tools we will begin our tests. As we progress, we can then start to form an estimation of how long this process may take. Once we have all our test results we will then contact you with our recommendation to fix the concern, again this may involve software updates that are chargeable, these vary in price but we will always provide an update on cost. This initial consultation we estimate to be 1.5 hours £90 including the vat.

Any components that need to be replaced will have an additional labour charge, component access is fast becoming a major contributor to higher labour costs, with programming to the car also a factor to consider. 

Independent Pricing and Care

We offer the same service you would receive from the main dealerships, but at a fraction of the cost. Our personal service means we’ll always offer a time that best suits you, along with use of a courtesy car should you require one to proceed with your day as normal. Unlike standard diagnostic checks, only a limited number of independent garages across Pudsey and Leeds can match our advanced diagnostic services. This helps to set us apart and become one of the leading vehicle fault finding diagnostic centres in Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on offering our customers total transparency and will never commit to carrying out additional paid work without your consent.

Always remember - It may seem expensive to hire a professional, but wait until you hire an amateur. 

Diagnostic & Repair Services Provided

ABS & Brake Faults ECU & Engine Management Performance Upgrades Engine Re - maps Electrical Faults Engine Starting & Charging Vehicle Lighting Key coding Most types of electrical problems* MOT emissions failures. Diesel systems diagnosis including DPF blockages. 

Vehicle Coverage

We are continually adding to our portfolio of dealer level capabilities, please call and speak to a member of our team, or drop us an e mail