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Engine Diagnostics Leeds

Warning Light Diagnostics

Does your car have any of the following problems?

  • Difficult to start
  • Sometimes stalls
  • Excessive smoke coming from the exhaust
  • Uses more fuel than it used to
  • Hesitates or is sluggish when you accelerate
  • Engine overheats
  • Engine misfires (bucking or erratic idle speed)
  • Warning symbols illuminated on your dashboard in yellow or red

Modern vehicles are highly complex machines that utilise on-board computers to monitor engine performance and exhaust emissions. When a fault develops, the computer (ECU) logs a fault code and communicates the error to the driver via a dashboard warning light. If you have an illuminated warning light or believe your car isn't running as smoothly as usual, a diagnostic check is highly recommended. Here at Claytons, we use sophisticated diagnostic tools to pinpoint the issue your vehicle is suffering from so the relevant fault can be rectified, returning your car back to full performance, we have an in house electrician and Bosch Master Technician. 

Dealer Level Diagnostic Service

Our advanced diagnostic service encompasses specialist technology from the world’s leading vehicle diagnostic brands, including GM MDI, Vetronix, IDS, VAS6154, Bosch and Autologic. These tools enable us to provide dealer level diagnostic service for Ford, Vauxhall, Saab, VW, Audi, Seat Skoda and programming capabilities covers everything from keys to control modules including access to component protection security. Our after-market tools also allow a number of programming functions on Fiat’s when the immobiliser code is available. We are constantly trying to add to our level of services offered so please call with any enquirys. Diesel diagnostics? Not a problem with our in-house diesel specialist.

Independent Pricing and Care

We offer the same service you would receive from the main dealerships, but at a fraction of the cost. Our personal service means we’ll always offer a time that best suits you, along with use of a courtesy car should you require one to proceed with your day as normal. Unlike standard diagnostic checks, only a limited number of independent garages across Pudsey and Leeds can match our advanced diagnostic services. This helps to set us apart and become one of the leading vehicle fault finding diagnostic centres in Yorkshire. We charge £75.00 (+VAT) to carry out a diagnostic check, this fee includes up to 1.5 hours fault finding and access to any relevant manufacturer information, some software updates are additional. Should the system detect a more serious fault then we will contact you to clearly discuss the problem prior to commencing any repairs. We pride ourselves on offering our customers total transparency and will never commit to carrying out additional paid work without your consent. Keeping pace with fast moving technology is never easy even for the main agents, but with patience, research and applying the correct diagnostic methods, solutions can be found.

Emissions System Diagnostics

With the latest lower MOT emissions limits now in force all systems fitted to our vehicles need to be in great shape to meet manufacturers specified limits. Regular oil changes and servicing is now critical especially in the case of Diesels, the exhaust components alone can run into thousands, along with this you need to ensure your vehicle software is up to date. These calibration files as they are known can be downloaded straight to your vehicle during its service thus ensuring that any software bugs are ironed out and your vehicle meets the latest emission standard at a convenient time, but more importantly at a fraction of the main dealer price.

Vehicle calibration files are currently available for all Ford Vauxhall & VW Audi Group cars. As vehicles and their emissions systems become more complex, it is critical that the correct diagnostic equipment is used. Incorrect diagnosis and expensive component replacement could result in a hefty bill. Please be wary of anybody offering a while you wait service of this nature between £25 to £35; it’s simply not an easy switch a light off to cure the fault, correct research and diagnostic method is essential as these systems become more complex to avoid increased repair costs.Check out our additional emission related service Fortron injector cleaning, increase performance cut emissions and save fuel.   

Diagnostic & Repair Services Provided

ABS & Brake Faults ECU & Engine Management Performance Upgrades Engine Re - maps Electrical Faults Engine Starting & Charging Vehicle Lighting Key coding * Most types of electrical problems* Key coding requires immobiliser code, not all manufactures allow access to these codes, Ford, Vauxhall & all VAG currently available with some Peugeot Citroen & Fiat, please call for details. 

Vehicle Coverage

Our diagnostic service is available on popular makes including Ford, Vauxhall, Audi, VW, Seat Škoda, Fiat, Saab and Volvo.